Monday, February 16, 2009

A good week for Islamic extremism

Four days ago, Dutch MP Geert Wilders was refused entry to the UK on the grounds that he would threaten public security. He was interviewed by the BBC after being detained immediately upon arrival. It should be noted that Wilders represents the 3rd largest political party in the Netherlands and that he has no criminal convictions against him in the EU. Charges of hate speech have been filed against him in the Netherlands, but he is still innocent until proven guilty.

Wilders had actually been in the UK a few weeks before, without inciting any violence, or threatening any public security. The issue here comes down to the fact that he was invited to show his movie Fitna at the House of Lords. Wilders has had numerous death threats made on his life as a result of the critical views of Islam he expresses in the film. As if that is not ironic enough, it would seem that the British government is now willing to muzzle free speech for fear that its Islamic community may live up to the kind of violence Wilders says their religion engenders.

Here's Fitna in case you haven't seen it so you can decide for yourself just how dangerous this kind of free speech can be:

Part I

Part II

Across the pond, Obama did a sharp turnabout in US policy this last weekend by reversing a seven year legacy that the Bush administration upheld when the State Department announced that it would be sending a team to join the negotiations in Geneva ahead of the UN Conference on Racism in April. At face value this may just appear part of the new President's talk-to-anyone approach, but what might be missed is the real reason his predecessor kept the US out of this particular UN event.

The purpose of this conference is to evaluate the goals set by the first conference of this sort held in Durban on the eve of September 11. Then Secretary of State, Colin Powell, pulled the US out of that conference due to the deliberate, and anti-Semitic, way in which Israel was singled out for condemnation.

For President Barack Obama to believe that things will somehow be different this time round is naivete at best, downright dangerous at worst. With Libya holding the Human Rights Council chair and Iran guiding the proceedings, the agenda is focused on criminalising the state of Israel and outlawing any form of so-called Islamaphobia.

This video sums it up:

Call me paranoid, but the West, if there is such a thing anymore, appears to be caving in to the threat of Islamic violence on all fronts. So, watch out what you say about Islam, because the Muslim response may break our sacred peace. And don't dare stand up for Israel, because that might enrage entire Islamic nations.