Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Who says Obama only bows to Saudi kings?

A friend of mine was very kind to point out, following my blog about Obama bowing to the Saudi King, that it is not uncommon for the President to strike this posture when meeting other heads of state.

To prove this, below is a picture of Obama from his recent trip to Mexico where he met the Mexican President and his family.

See, he even bows to the family dog!

So, what exactly have we proved here? Seems Obama treats the Saudi King just like a dog.

And the English Queen? Well, she'll just have to settle for being pawed by Michelle.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just where do Obama's loyalties lie?

Sometimes, actions really do speak louder than words. If Obama's body language during his recent trip to the UK is anything to go by then we should all be very worried as to where his loyalties really lie.

Here he is meeting the Christian Queen of England:

And here he is meeting the Muslim King of Saudi Arabia:

Did you see him bow to the Queen? No. Think about it.